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Never A Donation
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Hello, Long Before computers I have been rescuing animals. As a professional dog trainer. A former          
animal control office and the president & founder of a Not For Profit Organization. Specializing in the
breeding and preliminary training of lead dogs for the sightless. I obtain a professional wealth of
knowledge. For more than 40 yrs I have dedicating my life
to helping pets and others. To this day I
remain a full (full) time volunteer. I spent the last 2 years developing a site which you will see me refer to here, full of great content but there is a
problem with the links within that site and they report no activity which has resulted in Zero / Nada
dollars. Where others would have giving up tossed in the towel & quit. I just come up with a better
solution for all & started doing the work. Inspiring fresh new pages & ideas benefiting our animals,
community's & personal cause,
Where Ever We May Live! Sincerely, Debra
From The Desk Of: Debra Sheldon
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Please Remember - The links are dead in my first site below
although they will take you to the appropriate URL
The Animals Will Not Receive Any Benefit
So please do your exploring of shops, pet supplies, personal goods in
my/this new upgraded site right here at
Thank You Debra
Note: This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Advice and information presented on this website is of a
general nature only and is not intended to constitute or replace professional advice for individual, animals or specific conditions.

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From Heart Ache, Disappointment  & Unwavering Commitment
The Aid911 Pet Rescue Family Was Born - Thank You Universe!