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100% Volunteer Public Spirit Website - Professionally Devoted To Hometown Rescue & You!   
Rescue The Animals - (Guilt Free Search) - No Commitment Required - Never A Donation
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Please Note: I am A Self Supported Organization
Triple Time (Volunteer)  to Act, Educate & Organize The Body Of Purpose

Helping pets & their family's,  saving one life (pet) at a time

I Create, Build & Update All My Own Animal Rescue Web Content
I live (Rescued) - Pet Education, Training - Helping Others  

I obtain a wealth of knowledge that’s sure to benefit you.
Sincerely, Animal Behaviorist / Rescue Trade Expert Debra Petaid911
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Note: This website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Advice and information presented on this website is of a
general nature only and is not intended to be an endorsement of any product or services, constitute or replace professional advice
for individual, animals or specific conditions.

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I love rescue
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"Basset Hounds Add Mug Shots"
"Basset Hounds Add Mug Shots" by petaid911
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Easily Add Your Pet Picture or Two
You can put a picture on each side of this mug
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